American Ninja Warrior 2014 ~ Kacy Catanzaro First Woman Amazing display of athleticism!!!

In important hsjuju news today, I wandered into a store for preteens and took pictures of funny glasses until they told me to stop.

Also, I lifted 85 lbs on the benchpress today after I got “do you even lift?”-ed by the guy spotting me. Usually I ignore guys’ dumb lifting advice because they can’t put their arms to their sides and they drop weights onto their necks (for real a guy hurt himself when the lat pull bar got stuck behind his neck at my gym, i don’t even) so they usually don’t know shit but in this case it motivated me to try it. Also a dumbass I hated swapping the pullup machine with motivated me to do the same weight as him just to make him feel bad, and it was more than I usually do (well, less it’s the pullup machine, it’s a counter-weight), and then i discovered I could it!

Also, it’s become embarrassing to walk into the Adidas store because I’m already wearing so much Adidas.

sunset on the mission

sunset on the mission

boy running through fountain

boy running through fountain

Dancer with purple skirt, oh the real beats

Beautiful Haitian dancer today in a fundraiser for Haiti.


Styled by Mobolaji Dawodu - A Visual Catalog.

There’s a cinematic quality to almost every Mobolaji Dawodu styled and or photographed photo. So many of the images he has styled, photographed - or both - look more like something out of a film still than 2-D fashion magazine pages. This signature of his, that is both visually classic and communicative, is part of what makes Dawodu’s work so intensely captivating. Making use of subjects that always have an air of effortless cool and mystique, Dawodu is able to draw you to his images, through the use of aesthetic qualities, leaving the viewer highly intrigued as to the narrative that inspired it. It’s no surprise that Dawodu’s foray into the world of costume design, with films such as ‘Restless City’ and ‘Mother of George’ under his belt, has been beautifully successful.

Hailed by Complex as one of the most stylish men in media, Dawodu is the style editor-at-large at the Fader but has had his work appear in such publications as Vanity Fair, i-D and Paper, and worked on projects for PUMA, Nike, Kenzo, Converse and Apple. Born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and American mother, much of his work has been influenced and informed by his bi-coastal background. 

(via thesoftghetto)

As I was taking pictures from this little lookout point, a lady reading next to her bike asked me if she wanted me to take my picture. “Sure!”, I said. She told me the story that her cat was dying. “Not dying”, she said, “but it will cost 4000$ to find out what is wrong with him.” Having lost my cat last year to cancer, I sympathized, and she told me more about her little cat. He was only 1 year old she said, and she didn’t have the heart to put him down. But seemed to have neuroligical problems, and she was doing research into what might be wrong with him. “If he’s not suffering…”, she said. I loved that lovely lady and her big heart.

Biking to the bird sanctuary. About 20km round trip…bordered by the St. Laurent the entire trip, into a part that dissolves into turbulent currents and rapids. So many nesting birds, geese and the young fuzzy geese with grey feathers.

I got attacked by a bird! I had forgotten to remove my bike helmet and the bird flew into my helmet twice. Protected!

Pre-trip obligatory stop at Atwater market to get artichoke foccacia to eat during the trip!

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