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shooting of 2pac, shooting of biggie sort of ended feud, record labels in shambles, rise of southern rap

Story of a hotel room —- Rosemary Tonks

Thinking we were safe — insanity!

We went in to make love. All the same.

Idiots to trust in the little hotel bedroom.

Then in the gloom…

…And who does not know that pair of shutters

With the awkward hook on them

All the screeching whispers? Very well then, in the gloom

We set about acquiring one another

Urgently! But on a temporary basis

Only as guests — just as guest of one another’s senses.

But idiots to feel so safe you hold back nothing

Because the bed of cold electric linen

Happens to be illicit

To make love as well as that is ruinous

Londoner, Parisian, someone should have warned us

That without permanent intentions

You have absolutely no protection

If the act is clean, authentic, sumptuous

The concurring deep love of the heart

Follows the naked work, profoundly moved by it


Hearst Castle by Julia Morgan

The indoor mosaic-tiled pool is inspired by Roman baths.

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it was the best of times

2013 was very “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” 2014 is just the worst of times…no happiness, no joy, no ease to life, everything that could go right going fucking wrong, just one big slog for no fucking purpose it feels like, oh and it’s dark by 5 and your feet wet in a feet of disgusting brown slush. fuck my life right now, I just want to get on a plane to somewhere hot and give it all the finger.

What I learned at Hacker School

So Monday, I’m speaking at Montreal Python about Hacker School, trying to figure out what to say and what it meant to me:

Some random thoughts:

1) Living in New York nearly killed me. I found it deeply unsettling, hard to find my feet, and I literally was two days away from dropping out and going home until I went to a Skeme Richard’s party, met a bunch of programmers/dancers who were into hiphop, and it fed my heart enough that it made me want to stay in New York and finish. That was an important life lesson, before that I thought that the secret to enduring was endurance, but really the secret of endurance is joy — the kind of joy that feeds the soul and gives you the power to endure.

2) I only became a better programmer afterwards. I’m someone who distills things slowly in the time afterwards vs during. For example a lot of what I learned from Thailand, I learned it afterwards and New York was the same. But I applied a lot of the techniques I learned at Hacker School afterwards and it definitely informed my programming. 

3) Pair programming was the best part. They tell you this in the beginning, and it’s true. You get to see how other programmers conceptualize of the same task as you, it’s really interesting. Like dancing or travelling, some people you easily get into a groove with, others less.

4) Another useful thing was “Imagine your goal was to become the best hacker possible in these 3 months, how would you approach things?” This gets past your doubts, and you just do it.

5) Respect and community…Hacker School was a little haven in an often hostile tech world. The sense of respect and belonging I had there really changed my feelings about programming.

6) A lot of these things aren’t directly technical things, but HS is so much more than a place to upgrade your technical skills so it’s hard to seperate them. THere’s programming, but also the programming community and our place in it, and how we feel about it. I think there’s more awareness of trying to create that in certain communities now, for example the Python community.

7) Mel’s talk on learning styles, js hoisting with Mary, flask project with Dave, photography at Stock Exchange, seeing Caz play, Peter Norvig talk


female rappers of color! (and songs to check out)

*obviously this is not a complete list, just a showcase

  1. angel haze - werkin’ girls, [tw: abuse, eating disorders] cleaning out my closet
  2. awkwafina - my vag, peggy bundy
  3. shin-b - buzzkillin, h.u.h. (hands up high)
  4. ruby ibarra - game up, where they go (collab)
  5. tasha (yoon mi-rae) - get it in, sweet dream (feature)
  6. LE (ahn hyo jin) - you got some nerve (collab), jiggy get down (feature)
  7. roxXxan - too fucking facety, thunder bay
  8. hard kaur - ek glassy (feature), look 4 me
Cercavo la grande bellezza.
…in one quote he summed up my life


I was born in summer and named after summer. Was it such a surprise that winter was like torture to me, like being buried alive, especially in the years after I returned from Thailand?

We were a G8 country, it was beyond belief to me that the richest people in the world, the global 10% or whatever, chose willingly to live here, bought houses here, went down in the cobblestones streets of the evening with wine bottles under their arms, visiting their plump friends, losing their hair like them, that with all the choices in the world they chose here. As I slogged through the slush on my way to the grocery store, while it was dark already at 4pm, water engulfing my waterproof boots that weren’t even waterproof as I stepped in a puddle of icy water a foot deep, I wondered who decided that hell was a warm place. Surely, hell was cold, and something like this. Feet full of damp wool, damp clothes, coats that stink because no one washes them, darkness, being cold and wet.

All these rich people living here, and I was poor, and all I thought was, if I had all that money, what I would buy would be not to live here.

Somewhere in Thailand, the sun was setting like gold on the Andaman sea, remote and going on forever in the distance.

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